cheap valentines gift ideasSure, an expensive restaurant, a bottle of champagne and some flashy jewelry sound like the perfect ingredients for Valentine’s Day, but a high-dollar affair isn’t always in the budget. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to make your sweetie feel adored. Check out these six ways you can show your love without going into debt.

Make a homemade card. Think old-school, and break out the construction paper, scissors and glue. An original note with heart-felt sentiments will mean so much more than a generic, store-bought card. Be creative, and let those feelings show!

Eat in. Prepare a special meal (don’t forget dessert) in the comfort of your own kitchen, or visit a high-end grocery store and bring home premade entrees that you can heat and serve when ready. Dust off those linens and fine china, and set the mood for love.  

Set your own date. Sometimes forcing a celebration on a hectic day takes all the fun out of it – not to mention the fact that restaurants and florists often have higher prices on holidays. Designate another day as your own personal Valentine’s Day, and reap the bonus of cheaper prices and smaller crowds.

Go custom. There are plenty of options out there – at drugstores and online – that offer personalized gifts at reasonable prices. Whether it’s as simple as a coffee mug or photo canvas, a custom, one-of-a-kind gift shows how much you care.

Give away coupons. Create a series of personal coupons on your computer that offer your time or services. Need some ideas? How about a back massage, a night out without kids, a week of laundry duty, a clean room or house … the possibilities are endless.

Make a memory. No matter how much money you spend, it’s the memory that lasts forever. Go hiking, take a walk, explore a new park or take a road trip to a diner in a nearby town. Play music, dance in your living room … laugh and have good conversations without cell phones as distractions. Be together. Be present. Have fun.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Do you have any other ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget? We’d love to hear about them. Leave your comments below.