“I do not live close to the Family Horizons Credit Union branches and I have retired. I began finding it inconvenient to make trips to one of Family Horizons branch locations and decided that having banking closer to my home would be necessary for me. I decided that after years of banking with Family Horizons, I would have to go in search of a new banking facility. Upon explaining this to an employee of Family Horizons, I was informed of the Shared Branching network. I did not even realize that it existed! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could continue to bank with Family Horizons and use Shared Branch locations close to my home.“

George H.   

"I recently obtained a loan with Family Horizons but feel more comfortable paying my loan in person rather than online. My problem is that I don’t live close to a Family Horizons branch. An employee of Family Horizons was able to put me in touch with a Shared Branch location only .28 miles from my home! I was so happy for this convenience.”

Rachel W.   

“I recently moved back to Indiana and when it came time to choose a local financial institution, I did not hesitate to join back up with Family Horizons who was my banking facility before I moved away. Some of my family still bank with Family Horizons and everyone in the family has been very satisfied with their banking services.”

Tim B.   

"Family Horizons offers many of the features of a large bank while giving you the feel of a small, credit union."

Tom S.   

“I am a busy mom and do just about everything online. I was so happy to learn that Family Horizons has a Mobile App for my banking convenience.”

Beth A.   

“I have retired and don’t live close to a Family Horizons branch but I am so happy to have found Shared Branch locations that I can use close to my home. I also travel a lot and have discovered many Shared Branch locations in convenient locations while I am traveling.”

Carl K.   

“We were so excited to learn about the Mobile App to make our long distance banking easier and convenient.”

Joe & Tina C.   

“I thought it was a wonderful touch to send a McDonalds gift card with a birthday card from Family Horizons for my son’s birthday. It made my day as well as his!”

Laura W.   

“I am very happy to be getting my very own checking and debit card with my new CU Succeed account! I had a minor account and learned that even though I am only 15, I could convert my account to a CU Succeed. My older brother and parents all bank with Family Horizons and I wanted follow suit and make the most of my Family Horizons account.”

Kyle F.   

“I had an extremely pleasant visit to the 21st Street branch via the drive thru. I have always received a smile and thank you, but on this visit I received another kind gesture…… there was a hand written note on my drive thru envelope that read ‘Thank you and have a nice day’ and included a smiley face. That really made my day and brought a smile to my face.”

Steve B.   

"I live on the west side of Indy and am not close to the Family Horizons branches. I had considered moving my accounts elsewhere for more convenience until I discovered that Family Horizons offers Mobile Banking and Mobile Capture. These two services are extremely valuable to me because it allows me the convenience I need in banking with Family Horizons."

Dawn J.   

“I am away at college and discovered that Family Horizons has a Mobile App. This is a great feature for me because I can now easily do my banking online with the ease of the Mobile App.”

Will C.