Important Banking Message for Credit or Debit Card Holders

In an effort to protect your accounts and prevent fraud, we are strongly suggesting that you contact us first when traveling outside your home state. What does this mean to you? If you plan to travel outside your home state or to travel outside of the United States, give us a quick call at 800-944-0423 and let us know of your travel plans including dates of travel, locations and which cards you will be using. We will ensure that your Family Horizons debit and credit cards will be available for use while you are on the road.
Rest assured that our member’s cards are constantly being monitored as a fraud protection measure which is why it is best practice for you to let us know before you travel.  Also, be sure that your cell phone number is updated in our records so that if there are any issues, our fraud protection service will be able to reach you quickly.
Please note, we have blocked the country of Qatar (Visa credit card only) due to an increase of fraud in this country.

Questions? Give us a call at 800-944-0423 or click on our live chat feature to the left.