We know you lead an active lifestyle, and you certainly don’t need any more unnecessary complications. That’s why Family Horizons is proud to offer a number of member services that will help make your life just a little easier. They include:

Direct Deposit

You can arrange to have funds deposited directly into your savings or checking accounts. It’s a safe, hassle-free way to automatically receive payments. Just download the Direct Deposit form here, and sign up today!

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction makes saving money or making loan payments automatic – no more transferring money or writing checks!  When you set up payroll deduction, you can designate a specific amount to be held from your payroll check and deposited into your savings or checking account. You can also use payroll deduction to make a loan payment.

Bi-Weekly Payments

By making bi-weekly payments, you’ll save not only save interest, you’ll also pay off your loan early without raising your net monthly payment. Simple-interest loans are credited as soon as the payment is received.

Money Orders

Money orders are available in amounts up to $1,000. Just ask your teller.

Pre-Paid Gift Cards

Available in the amount of your choice up to $1,000.  Ask your member services representative for details.

Reloadable Cards and Travel Cards

Ask your member services representative for details.

Cashier’s Checks

Family Horizons Cashier’s Checks are available in any amount at the teller counters.

Credit Card Advances

Cash advances on VISA® credit cards are available at the teller counters.

Notary Public Service

Family Horizons members can have documents notarized at any Family Horizons location.

Signature Guarantee

Members can have documents Signature Guaranteed at any Family Horizons location.

Used Car Guides

Eliminate guesswork when buying a used vehicle. Book and loan values on used cars are available at the credit union either via phone or in person. Or you can download them here at

Night Deposit

A 24-hour night depository is available at most credit union locations, enabling you to make after-hour deposits at your own convenience.