visa-card-large-circleShop and bank with confidence and convenience – while avoiding the hassle of writing checks – with your Family Horizons VISA® ATM/Debit Card.

How does it work?

Your VISA® ATM/Debit Card works just like a credit card, except the amount charged to the card comes directly from your checking account. Just present your card anywhere VISA® is accepted.  After the merchant swipes your card, you just have to sign and go!  You can also use the VISA® ATM/Debit Card at any STAR or Cirrus ATM.

How do you activate it?

All you have to do to activate your VISA® ATM/Debit Card is phone (800) 992-3808 during business hours.

Great features and benefits

Your VISA® ATM/Debit Card can be used for both PIN- and signature-based transactions.

You’ll have daily withdrawal limits of $500 for ATM/PlN debit and $1500 for signature debit.

You can remotely transfer balances from a savings account to checking using Home Banking or Maggie, and that balance will be available immediately on your VISA® ATM/Debit Card.

If you don’t have enough funds in your checking account, we will automatically transfer funds for you (for our standard transfer fee) as long as:

  • Your savings account is set to cover your checking through Overdraft Protection.
  • You have sufficient funds in your savings account to pay for the transaction.

This means that you never risk the embarrassment of having your card refused due to insufficient funds.

Additional features of your VISA® ATM/Debit Card will include Fraud Text Alerts and 24 hour support!*

Are you ready to get started? Download an application here.

To report a lost or stolen Visa ATM/Debit Card, call (800) 472-3272, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Overdraft Regulation Changes

For information concerning the Regulation E and Overdraft Transactions please click here.


*Standard text messaging rates apply. Please see your mobile phone provider for data and messaging fee disclosures.