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8 Tips for Smart Holiday Spending

How can you save money and reduce stress this holiday season? Family Horizons Credit Union has eight awesome shopping tips to help.

While most of us start out the holiday season with anticipation and awe, it’s easy to let the stress of shopping and spending money darken the mood. Suddenly […]

10 Ways to Save Money This Halloween

Halloween costumes, parties and decorations don’t have to break the bank. Here’s how to save money this season!

Who doesn’t love a spooky costume or awesomely gruesome snack that looks like brain matter? When it comes to Halloween, the more eerie, elaborate or over-the-top, the better. But all those decorations, fancy […]

6 Things Football and Financial Planning Have in Common

What does fumbling the ball have to do with managing your finances? More than you might think.

Are you ready for some football? Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, who can pass up the opportunity to enjoy a great tailgating party or celebrate an exciting victory? We have plenty […]

11 Awesome Ideas for Saving Money This Fall

Fall is a great time to save money and get ready for those holiday spending sprees. Here are our top ideas to get you started.

The kids are back in school, the temperatures are cooling off, and fall is on the way. As the season changes, it’s natural to shift […]

Top 6 Benefits of Joining a Credit Union

Interested in joining a credit union in the Indianapolis area? Here are the top reasons why you should.

What exactly is a credit union, and how is it different from a bank? That’s a question we are used to being asked at Family Horizons Credit Union, and we’re more than happy […]

Free Document Shred Days in Indianapolis and Greenfield

Summer shred days are coming to Family Horizons Credit Unions in central Indiana – and it’s free, with no limits!

Although movies have often made identity theft the subject of laughter, it isn’t funny when it happens to real people. Shredding your personal documents can help protect you from financial and […]

Top Five Tips for Planning Your 2017 Summer Vacation

Ready to think about 2017 summer vacation plans? These top tips will get you started in the right direction for an experience to remember.

If you’re thinking about a summer 2017 getaway but haven’t started planning, it’s time to get started. But where should you go, and what should you do? […]

8 Types of Home Loans: Know What’s Best for You

Buying a new home in central Indiana? Here are eight home-loan options to consider during the spring home-buying frenzy.

Spring means flowers, warmer temperatures … and a home-buying frenzy. That’s because the busiest months to buy or sell a home are typically April, May and June. And whether you’re a seasoned […]

Ten Money-Saving Tips for Spring Break 2017

If you’re one of the millions of travelers ready to get away for spring break, you’re probably confirming reservations right now and counting down the days. But you also might be worried about how this get-away is going to affect your finances.

No spring break trip is worth breaking the bank […]

6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas On a Budget

Sure, an expensive restaurant, a bottle of champagne and some flashy jewelry sound like the perfect ingredients for Valentine’s Day, but a high-dollar affair isn’t always in the budget. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to make your sweetie feel adored. Check out these […]