Switching to E-Statements and online banking doesn’t have to be scary. Check out these benefits at Family Horizons Credit Union.

Does the thought of relying on electronic statements and online banking make you nervous? While many of our customers at Family Horizons Credit Union have made a seamless transition to electronic documents, others find it intimidating, worrisome or even “scary.”

We understand that technology can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why we’d like to help ease your mind. Transitioning to electronic statements and documents with online banking can improve and ultimately replace your paper statements (which eliminates paper waste), with the added benefits of higher security and more convenience.

Electronic statements, or E-Statements, offer our Family Horizons Credit Union customers lots of benefits, and here are eight of our favorites:

Immediate Access
No more waiting around for statements to be printed and mailed to your home. You can view your E-Statement online as soon as it becomes available, and better yet, you’ll receive an email notification just as soon as it is.

Round the Clock Convenience
Whether you’re out on the town, relaxing at home or lounging on a beach, you can access your E-Statements any time, from anywhere. All you need is your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device. Our menu of electronic services include: Home Banking; Mobile Banking; Mobile Deposit; Android Pay™; Apple Pay™; Samsung Pay™; Famile-Funds; Phone Banking – Maggie; and Popmoney. Check out the Services page on our website (www.familyhorizons.com) to find out more.
Increased Security
While this might surprise you, you’ll actually enjoy increased security with E-Statements. Why? Because your information will be protected from theft, and it won’t be delivered to the wrong address. Your accounts are confidential, secured by your online login credentials, and your statements can only be accessed by you.

Print Is Still an Option
If you are traveling to a remote location or simply “going off the grid,” you still have options. Just download your E-Statements on an electronic device and save them for offline viewing. And if need be, you can even print them off to have your documents in hand.

It’s Easy to Sign Up
So, how do you start receiving E-Statements? It’s simple.

• Log in to your Home Banking Account
• Click the Self-Service tab at the top of your screen
• Choose the Additional Services box and click on E-Statements
• Click the Sign Up button, and your E-Statements will be activated

It’s Eco-friendly
Simply put, e-statements have a direct impact on our environment. Replacing multi-page paper statements with electronic versions saves trees. It also reduces greenhouse gases associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and mail transportation.

Ease of Mind
Do you ever find yourself in a panic, scrambling to find files, papers and missing documents? With E-Statements, there are no more worries about misplaced banking files. That’s because your online account organizes everything for you, kind of like a virtual filing cabinet. And better yet, you don’t have to worry about shredding sensitive documents (or forgetting to do so).

Less Clutter
One of the biggest benefits we hear about from our customers about E-Statements is that they can clean up their home office or dining room table! Less paperwork means less clutter, and fewer envelopes to open and sort through. Which means your dining room table and counter tops can go back to serving their original purposes, and you can spend less time picking up and sorting.

The team at Family Horizons Credit Union knows that your time is valuable. By switching to E-Statements, you can spend less time keeping track of documents and more time enjoying your friends and family. If you have any questions or would like help with E-Statements, please call us or stop by one of our branch locations:

Indianapolis East Side Branch: 
6665 E. 21st Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46219 
Phone: 317.352.0423 
Toll-free: 800.944.0423 

Greenfield Branch 
216 W. Muskegon Drive 
Greenfield, IN 46140 
Phone: 317.352.0423