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You are eligible if a member of your immediate family is a member, or if you live or work in one of these Indiana counties:

  • Boone
  • Hamilton
  • Hancock
  • Hendricks
  • Johnson
  • Madison
  • Marion (except Center Township)
  • Morgan
  • Shelby

Those eligible for membership can just call or stop by one of our branches, and we’ll help you get signed up. You’ll only need $5 plus a valid, government-issued photo ID. Click here to create an account online.


Click here for branch locations, hours and phone numbers. Click here to use our locator search that will identify shared branching locations. You can also use any of nearly 5,000 Alliance One ATMs located across America. You can find those locations here.

FHCU is a member of Alliance One, a network of credit unions and other financial institutions that have joined together to provide members and customers access to surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. When you use an ATM from another financial institution, surcharges are often assessed with your transaction. To avoid these fees, just look for the blue and white Alliance One logo on ATMs across the country. You can use the Alliance One ATM locator by clicking here.

CO-OP Shared Branching

Family Horizons has joined with other credit unions across the country to create a network of branches where members can perform transactions just as if they were in their own home credit union. You can learn more here.

To perform financial transactions in a shared branching location, simply inform the teller that you’re a member of Family Horizons in Indiana. You’ll need to provide your member number along with a government-issued photo ID. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to:

  • Cash checks (subject to hold)
  • Make deposits and withdrawals (deposits may be subject to holds and/or funds availability; withdrawals limited to $1,000, including checks)
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Purchase money orders and travelers checks (subject to daily withdrawal limits; fees may apply)
  • Obtain account balances

Whether you’re at work, home or traveling across the country, your credit union is always nearby. Click here to find a participating credit union.

Banking from Home

Enter your Member Number and PIN to enroll in Online Banking. Do not add any leading zeroes to your Member Number.

The PIN is the last four (4) digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). If you have accessed Maggie and have changed your Maggie PIN, please use your updated PIN instead of the last 4 digits of your SSN. You must also read and accept the Home Banking and Bill Payment Disclosure. Once you’ve accepted the disclosure, you will be prompted to change your password. We recommend that you use a combination of numbers and letters in your password for a higher level of security

If you ever forget your password, click here to reset it, or you can contact us directly. For immediate assistance, chat with a representative right now by clicking the Live Chat link at the bottom of this page.

Keeping your financial information safe and secure is a top priority of Family Horizons, so yes, your information is secure. We ensure your information remains safe by:

  • Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the communications between your browser and our secure servers via encryption and scrambled messages.
  • Establishing a secure session between your browser and our server when you visit our online banking’s sign-on page.
  • Verifying that only those authorized have access to online banking.
  • Isolating our computers from the Internet.

Enrollment in our E-Statements program is free! And best of all, you’ll:

  • Get your statements faster – no more mail delays!
  • Reduce risk of identity theft from lost or stolen paper statements.
  • Eliminate the need to shred sensitive documents.
  • Reduce unnecessary paper waste and help protect the environment.

Our E-Statement activation process is easier than ever! All you have to do is:

  • Log in to your Home Banking Account.
  • Click E-Statements on the Accounts page.

Bill Payment is a service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You can:

  • Avoid the hassle of writing checks, addressing envelopes and buying stamps.
  • Pay a one-time bill or set up recurring payments to mortgage, utility and credit card companies, or any other recipient.
  • Simply specify who you want to pay (the payee), along with the scheduled payment date and the amount of the payment.

To access Bill Payment, simply log in to your Home Banking Account and click the Bill Pay tab at the top of your screen. Once you accept the terms and conditions of use, you can begin entering the names of your payees and start paying bills today!

Bill Payment is really easy to use! To pay a bill, you will first add your payee – the person or company to whom you’ll send funds. Once your payee is set up, you can quickly and conveniently schedule payments, either one-time or recurring. To schedule a payment:

  • Select your payee.
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to pay.
  • Enter the date you want the payment made.
  • Bill Pay will give you a delivery date and update the status of your payment.

No, this service is completely free to our members who have a checking account.

Banking by Phone

Maggie is our automated phone system that provides the same friendly service you get from Family Horizons employees. This service gives you access to all of your savings, checking and loan accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Always eager to help you, Maggie is available when you’re at home, work, or on-the-go. Call Maggie at 317.353.1010 from any touch-tone telephone to:

  • Transfer funds
  • Verify account and loan balances
  • Verify direct deposits
  • Obtain account and loan history
  • Get current loan rates
  • Calculate a loan payment

Click here to see what else Maggie can do for you.

Maggie is our automated phone service. Click here to learn how you can put Maggie to work for you.

Products & Services

Yes, a Family Horizons VISA Classic or VISA Gold credit card is perfect for any member who qualifies! It comes with a low fixed rate while offering the convenience of immediate purchase power.

We are happy to give our Family Horizons members five easy ways to order checks:


  1. Fill in your reorder form and mail it to:
    Member Services
    Family Horizons Credit Union
    East 21st Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46219
  2. Hand your reorder form to any member services representative the next time you’re in a branch location.
  3. Fill in a generic reorder form at any Family Horizons location.
  4. Log in to Home Banking and click on the Self-Service tab. Next, under Member Requests, click on Check Reorder and follow the instructions.
  5. Visit www.orderMyChecks.com.

Fees vary depending on style selection style

Yes, we do! When you open a Christmas Club account at Family Horizons, we’ll help you determine how much you’d like to contribute and how often. Your money will earn interest throughout the year, so you’ll have a built-in resource to fund your holiday spending.

You can withdraw from your Christmas Club account at any time. However, because these accounts earn a special interest rate, there may be a penalty for early withdrawal. But you can withdraw funds from your Christmas Club account, penalty-free, any time between November 1st and December 31st.

Yes, you are automatically enrolled in Overdraft Protection when you sign up for a checking and savings account. This service helps safeguard you from costly fees against your checking account with automatic transfers from either your savings account or your line of credit (fees may apply).

Overdraft Privilege helps protect you from having checks “bounce” in the event of an inadvertent overdraft of your account by giving you a reserve for emergencies or unexpected situations. There is no fee for this privilege; you are only charged if the overdraw exceeds the amount of money you have in all your accounts. We will notify you when Overdraft Privilege has been added to your account. Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit. If you overdraw your account, Family Horizons will normally pay the overdraft, subject to the limit of your Overdraft Privilege. Click here for more information.

Protect your valuables and documents from fire, theft, or loss with a Family Horizons safe deposit box, stored securely in one of our vaults at our 21st Street Branch. Safe deposit boxes provide members with reliable options to protect documents and valuables from fire, theft and loss. Family Horizons has more than 300 boxes available for member use. Annual rental fees are paid in advance by cash, check or share transfer, and boxes must be purchased in person. Boxes are accessible to owners any time during lobby hours at our 21st Street branch. No appointment is ever necessary.

3 x 5 x 24$25.00
5 x 5 x 24$40.00
3 x 10 x 24$40.00
5 x 10 x 24$60.00
10 x 10 x 24$100.00
Lost One Key-Replacement Fee$20.00
Lost Both Keys-Forced Entry Fee$125.00

We have a number of additional services available to members, including:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Bi-Weekly Payments
  • Pre-Authorized Drafts
  • Check Ordering
  • And much more


Because Family Horizons is a not-for-profit institution, we can offer some of the best loan rates available. You can find them here.

To see our current Real Estate/Mortgage Loan rates, click here.

Because Family Horizons is a not-for-profit institution, we can pay higher interest than many banks and other institutions. You can find current rates here.

Family Horizons has provided a full range of low-interest loans to members for more than 60 years. In addition, we are known for our quality service and quick decisions when it comes to the loan process.

As a member-owned, not-for-profit credit union, Family Horizons can offer lower interest rates on loans, compared to most other financial institutions. Most of our loans are simple interest loans that can be paid in full and closed at any time, with no penalty for early payoff. We have loans for all of your borrowing needs including:

  • First Mortgage
  • New/Used Auto
  • Motorcycle/Boat
  • Personal
  • VISA

Family Horizons can set up easy loan payments through payroll deposits or other automatic withdrawals.

Family Horizons has a quick loan calculator you can use here.

For accounts where dividends are credited at maturity, the penalty imposed will equal 100% of the accrued dividends on your accounts. For 1- to 12-month Share Certificates where dividends are credited monthly, the penalty imposed will equal one month of dividends. For 13- to 24-month Share Certificates where dividends are credited monthly, the penalty imposed will equal three months of dividends. For 25- to 60-month Share Certificates where dividends are credited monthly, the penalty imposed will equal six months of dividends. Funds withdrawn from any Certificate before maturity may not be used to invest in special offers valid during the time the funds were withdrawn.

Yes, you can avoid the hassle of writing a check when you use your Family Horizons Visa ATM/Debit Card. It works like a VISA, but the amount charged to the card comes directly from your checking account. Present your card at any merchant where VISA is accepted. The merchant will swipe your card, and you just sign and go! You can also use the Visa ATM/Debit Card at any STAR or Cirrus ATM.

Your VISA® ATM/Debit Card can be used for both PIN- and signature-based transactions.

You’ll have daily withdrawal limits of $500 for ATM/PlN debit and $1500 for signature debit.

You can remotely transfer balances from a savings account to checking using Home Banking or Maggie, and that balance will be available immediately on your VISA® ATM/Debit Card.

If you don’t have enough funds in your checking account, we will automatically transfer funds for you (for our standard transfer fee) as long as:

  • Your savings account is set to cover your checking through Overdraft Protection.
  • You have sufficient funds in your savings account to pay for the transaction.

This means that you never risk the embarrassment of having your card refused due to insufficient funds.

Are you ready to get started? Download an application here.

All you have to do to activate your VISA® ATM/Debit Card is phone (800) 992-3808 during business hours.

To report a lost or stolen Visa ATM/Debit Card, call (800) 472-3272, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

All financial institutions can be identified by a unique, nine-digit routing number. You’ve probably seen this number on your checks or deposit slips. The Family Horizons routing number is 274074325.

You can change your address through Home Banking. After logging in, go to the Self-Service tab and click on personal information to make updates to your address. You can also download a change of address form here. Once you print it out, you can mail or carry it in to any Family Horizons branch.

To report a lost or stolen Visa ATM/Debit Card, call (800) 472-3272, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can view our current fee schedule here.

Experts recommend that you monitor and review your credit report at least once a year. Now you can request free reports from the three leading credit reporting organizations. To get a free credit report, you can download an application here, or request your report online here

Home Banking Login

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  • Thanksgiving- Thursday, November 28 & Friday, November 29, 2024 Closed
  • Christmas Day- Wednesday, December 25, 2024 Closed

Please contact a Family Horizons Loan Officer for current rates.