Family Horizons knows that your time is important. That’s why we have created a menu of electronic services, allowing you to bank at home or on the go, on your schedule. Take a look at our extensive offerings below:

Home Banking

Home Banking

Welcome to Family Horizons free Home Banking service – where you can manage your accounts from your laptop, computer or mobile phone! Learn more.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

With Mobile Banking, your banking needs fit right in your pocket. You can access your accounts from your phone virtually anywhere, at any time. Learn more.

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit

With Mobile Banking Deposit, you can make check deposits directly to your Family Horizons Checking account from your mobile device. Learn more.


With the CardMate app from Family Horizons, you can manage your Family Horizons debit and/or credit cards.  Learn more.

Android Pay

Android Pay™

You already use your phone for just about everything. Now you can pay with it, too. Learn more.


Apple Pay™

Making purchases with your Family Horizons VISA or ATM/Debit card has never been easier! Learn more.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay™

Use Samsung Pay™ to pay in store, in-app and online with just a touch of your finger. Learn more.



Tracking all of your Home Banking accounts in one place for free is easy with Famile-Funds! Learn more.

Phone Banking with Maggie

Phone Banking – Maggie

Maggie Audio Response Service is free to members, and allows you to easily perform a variety of account transactions by phone. Learn more.


Zelle is a personal payment service offered by Family Horizons to give you a convenient way to pay almost anyone! Learn more.